Quick Tips 01 – Working on Default Presets (featured in DJ Mag March 21)

Quick Tips 01 – Working on Default Presets (featured in DJ Mag March 21)

Manoova gives us a very quick and simple tip to speed up workflow and repeatability.

“One of the best tips for speeding up workflow and helping you achieve a great sound on your productions time and time again is working on your “default” presets within your plugins.  It’s a good habit and really simple to do and saves so much time. 

“One example of a common mistakes on mix downs is leaving too much sub 150-200hz on tracks that aren’t either kick or bass, it builds up over multiple tracks and kills your headroom and mix clarity. Its easy to cut these frequencies with an EQ but in one track alone that could be 50+ channels.  So this quick tip is just opening up your EQ, add a low cut filter, dial it in around 150-200Hz, and then this is the important bit,  save that as your “default  preset” for whatever plugin your using.  So now every time you open your standard EQ its already got the low cut  done. So for each of those 50 tracks you have just saved yourself a little time, multiply that by however many productions you do a month, or year, and it’s adding up to a lot of time saved and all speeding up your creative workflow.  Its also great for your favourite reverbs and compressors. “


You can also expand this idea and within Logic save your entire channel strips for a channel, just at the top of the channel select “settings” then “save channel strip as” and save your full chain of plugins.  For example I have channel strips saved for different singers that record with me, sax as well as some for soft synths, even if you need to edit them it gets you in the right ballpark very quickly.  Saving your “instrument racks” in Ableton is similar thing, the main objective is saving time, speeding up workflow and the last part helps make getting that killer sound you just achieved very quickly repeatable.”` 

Manoova (Origin Rcrds/Whoyostro/Do Not Sleep)