Vector by Vector Synth – All new digital synth with 7″ touch screen.

Vector by Vector Synth – All new digital synth with 7″ touch screen.

Vector - The all new digital experimental synth from VectorSynth.

We almost accidentally stumbled across this synth on YouTube recently with us not seeing very much written in the press and have gone over a lot of the information provided but Vector synth to find out a little more on this one. 

Essentially its a digital desktop synthesizer based around the four separate sound generators.  Each generator takes a corner of the screen and a “orbiter” blends between the generators before it hits the synths effects stages. 

Its a 16 voice synth with available as 16 voices of polyphony, 8 dual or 1-16 Mono stacked.

It also features  and arpeggiator and step sequencer, 7″ touch screen, stereo out at an impressive 32bit DAC.  Its looks very cavpapabvle and extremely updatable so we are very keen to see this product develop. 

Price is quoted at 23 890 Czech Koruna which is a little over £800 GBP 


Some excellent audio and more information in this video!  We look forward to finding out more.

Alternative synths - Newfangled Audio "Generate"

Although very different from Vector this recent new collaboration between New Fangled Audio and Eventide is the nearest sounding VST we’ve heard to Vector Synth. The chaos generator also shares a similar ethos to Vector.  Check it out, its a great alternative while Vector is out of stock. 

For more information on Generate check out our full review here:

Available now from Plugin Boutique for £131.96

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