Arturia release version 3 of their Pigments Polychrome Synth.

Arturia release version 3 of their Pigments Polychrome Synth.

New version 3 has now been released of a modern classic plugin synth.

We have a long background in sound design here at WeMakeBeatz and have been using Pigments for some time as one of our go-to synths, its a pure modern powerhouse unlike their well respected vintage emulations with Pigments being contemporary in both look and sound. 

So whats new in version 3?   

  1. Harmonic Oscillator for additive synthesis.
  2. 3rd utility engine for modulation.
  3. 64 New wavetables for metallic aggressive timbres
  4. 4x new FX including pitch shift delay
  5. Inclusion of the Jupiter 8 V low pass filter
  6. New filter and FX routing
  7. In-App Tutorials
  8. 500 New presets

So the new additions add a lot to what was originally a very powerful and versatile synth, oscillators now include the Harmonic/Additive oscillator,  wavetable oscillator with a massive array to chose from, virtual analogue which obviously Arturia are experts in emulating, a sampling/granular osc and finally the new utility oscillator.

Modulation has always been a endless yet intuitive experience on Pigments and coupled with the new FX and filters the new V3 seems to be an excellent update.

In-app tutorials is also a feature we are looking forward to testing in v3 as we know from experience with our students that at first pigments can look a little daunting, so hopefully helps people over the initial learning curve. 

This is a free update for all existing users with an introductory offer of £18 for an additional 500 presets in the spectrum sound bank.


Pricing for new users of Pigments is 50% off as introductory offer at Plugin Boutique.  £84.95 (reduced from £171)


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