Newfangled Audio – Generate

Newfangled Audio – Generate

We love things that are just that little bit different here at Wemakebeatz and this plugin from Newfangled is right up our street.

Its described as a “Marquee Chaotic Polysynth” but essentially it’s quite a unique digital plugin which borrows some interesting designs from classic modular synths, especially the Buchla 259.

The synth has at its heart the Buchla inspired Oscillator with 5 different modes/models, then the second section of the synth is the wave-folder and finally we have a low pass gate plus a healthy amount of modulation possibilities to further mangle our sounds. 

The the first thing we did was to jump straight into the presets and see what the overall sound pallet was like.  We were instantly impressed with the power of the sound this synth generated,  the complexity of the distorted tones coming from the chaos oscillator was as impressive as it was scary at times.   Another thing we instantly liked about the synth was the GUI, its simple but strangely hypnotic watching the oscillator, wave folder and gate doing its thing. 

The most interesting thing about this synth is that it seems to trike the balance between weird experimental sounds,  and useable sounds from a production standpoint  perfectly.  Modular designs by nature can often throw up the strangest new sounds but in reality, in a production setting these sometimes are not always very usable.  Generate seems to give enough of the strengths of modular (without the price tag),  and also is very easy to use.

This is possibly the only synth we’ve ever seen in a plugin format that has a low pass gate in place of the standard resonant filters you’ll find on every other conventional synth.   If your not familiar with the term low pass gate you can think of it as  low pass filter  triggered by an ADSR envelope with every key press, however this also includes a high pass so its king of like a band pass gate.  

We will be adding some video examples of some of the deeper elements within the plugin in the next few weeks as we launch our YouTube channel but for now have a listen to some of the demos from Newfangled Audio. 


For us this is a brilliantly designed and executed synth.  It sounds like nothing else and produces sounds that most other synth would struggle to get close too. Its not a plugin that will replace your stock go-to plugins for staple sounds but it will vastly enhance your sonic capabilities outside of what those plugins can achieve.

If your making anything from techno, to deep house to minimal we are sure you’l have fun and get some crazy sounds from this great plugin. 


Available now from Plugin Boutique for £130.48 



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