In The Studio with TIJN

In The Studio with TIJN

In the studio with TIJN - Q&A

How long have you been interested in Modular synths and what was the main thing that attracted you to modular synthesis to begin with?
I’ve been building my modular system for about 4 years now I think, after filling one case quite fast and then moving onto my 2nd case a little slower educating myself along the way. I think the freeness of the sounds got my attention I have a few random modules and thats how I like to work, letting them do there magic and not repeating a sequence twice also creating things I could never play into a midi keyboard or sequencer. 

What other artist inspire your own productions?
Tough one.. I like so many styles of music and artists across them, I think within this sound and certainly the records I buy, id say Alci, silet beksi and nu zau off the top of my head, also the ridiculous grooves from sweely. 

You recently made a samplepack for Samplestate/Loopmasters. Which are the standout modules that you used on the pack?

I think the plonk form intellijell shines in this pack such a large pallete of sounds can be made with ease and also sequenced by the metropolis sequencer perfect for bass lines and glitch rhythms  

Are there any specific production techniques you could recommend to people starting out.. Maybe one thing everyone who is making minimal or deep should really master?
I think giving the sounds or parts there own space, less is better don’t push everything to the max try let the elements breath  

Modular House sample pack is a very “grown up” pack.. we found it super useful for injecting the modular vibe very quickly into anything your working on. Was that the objective when you created the pack? 
Thats great to hear, yer ive been making music for 15 years now so maybe that’s just part of my sound ive been using it myself since I made it, so its very much my sound and what I wanted to get across.  

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