In the studio with The Deepshakerz

In the studio with The Deepshakerz

With the release of their latest pack for Samplestate and the 10 year anniversary of their incredible production partnership with caught up with The Deepshakerz.

WMB:  So congratulations on 10 years of your production partnership and releasing music together as The Deepshakerz. What do you think has been the key thing in keeping you together for such a long period of time in an industry where this is quite a rare thing.

The Deepshakerz: Hi guys, so thanks first of all for the nice words and the support … Well, in 10 years we have had many moments of ups and downs and of continuous joys and disappointments, but when you are determined to reach a goal, the passion and consistency wins over everything!

WMB: We love the shift to a more percussive and almost tribal sound this new pack with Samplestate has taken. Do you see The Deepshakerz sound moving more into a new modern sound of Afro- House and less Tech house in 2021?

The Deepshakerz:  We started the Deepshakerz project precisely by focusing on a sound that goes from Afro to house and all the various trends.  Our very first releases were purely afro-house elements … then in the years we have had an evolution always trying to adapt to the times and trends but more always maintaining that love for percussions and intense grooves 🙂

WMB: How has the pandemic effected your production partnership? Have you found it difficult like many of us to be together to work during the last year.? Have you found more time for the studio to be a blessing or have you found it difficult to find inspiration without the clubs being open?

The Deepshakerz:  We usually we work exclusively in two separate studios since we do not live in the same city, but we are always in constant contact when it comes to starting new projects and developing new ideas (this is the beauty of today’s technology :)) … anyway the clubbing issue is a really important thing when it comes to productions because we all know that the club is a great tester to experiment and try new projects in development.. there we can see the reactions of the people on the track and also about the dynamics of sound … but over the years and with a bit of experience in the production phase we have also adapted to this: produce using a lot of imagination and understand if a type of product can work or not in a certain context

WMB: Can you talk us through your studio/s, do you use much hardware or do you rely on software. Which bits of hardware and software are indispensable to your productions.

The Deepshakerz: We work exclusively in 2 DAW (ableton and Logic Pro)…we are not big fan of too much hardware, of course we use some simple synths for MIDI but we love to work in simple way and with the rights elements…we use a lot of plug-in and VST (as fabfilter, Arturia and more…) 

WMB. You are very prolific with releases on high quality labels such your Safe Music, Saved, Defected, Sola, Knee Deep and many more.. What is the key to maintaining such high quality, consistent releases?

The Deepshakerz: is very difficult nowadays to keep a good profile and credibility, because the world is very full of a lot of new artists and a lot of music (good and bad obviously)…We always try to keep in our productions a personal touch but to evolve our sounds with all influences musical we like…we have a lot of targets to reach yet, and labels we dream to release one day…this is the reason we love this “world” 🙂

WMB: If you could collaborate with anyone else in the industry right now who would it be?

The Deepshakerz: There’s so many artists we really like and follow…would be great to make a collaboration with the master Todd Terry or Harry Romero…we think are 2 of our favorites producer all time and really deserves all their productions

WMB: What’s your favourite venue to play and why? 

The Deepshakerz: We usually love to play in small clubs…where the people really enjoy and you feel the warmth from the crowd…we remember the party at London on Ministry of Sound…real club sensations there 🙂

WMB: What’s your best piece of advice to anyone starting out producing house music right now?

The Deepshakerz:  Well, this is a very difficult world, but if you really love what you are doing there’s nothing that can stop you!…the passion is the first thing you must have, the rest will be automatic 😉 

What other artist inspires your own productions as well as sound for the new sample product?

WMB: What other artist inspires your own productions as well as sound for the new sample product?

The Deepshakerz: There are so many excellent producer in this industry (past and present) that is very difficult to say…but we are huge fan of the sound by: Todd terry, Louie Vega, Riva Starr, Harry Romero, Camelphat, ARTBAT and The Chemical Brothers.  We hope you can hear some of these influences coming through in the new sample pack and look forward to hear what people do with these sounds.

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