In The Studio with Reelow

In The Studio with Reelow

To coincide with the release of his new sample pack for Samplestate, Reelow took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his studio in Barcelona,  his workflow and upcoming album. 

Hey Reelow, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.  Can you talk us through your current studio setup?
Reelow “Hello everyone! My current workflow uses hardware drum machines and samples,  lots of  jamming live on Roland TR8s, Roland TB03, Elektron Analog Rythm mk2.  Then these jams go through an Allen & Heath ZED22FX mixer, then into Ableton.  Im currently sending audio from the DAW into an A&H QU24 digital mixer, because i can use its motorised faders. It is fun! Im also using Adam A7x and Yamaha HS7 monitors.  

If you could haveone piece of studio hardware delivered free of charge tomorrow, what would it be and why?
“Well this is one of the million dollar questions, but probably a Roland JD800 synth, due i dont have any synths in my studio at the moment, and  this one is the real deal. 

Whats your favourite venue to play as a DJ?
Reelow “
Privalage Ibiza”

Whats your current favourite studio plugin?
Reelow “I would say Roland JV1080. Mega!”

You new pack for Samplestate, hope would you describe the sound of the pack?
Reelow “I have used a lot of arpeggios, just like the other year, because the feedbacks said you guys liked it. I was trying to show my skill from my musician past.”

We liked how some of the loops in this new pack are sounding a little more experimental in places.Is this a reflection of where your sound is heading with your new releases?
Reelow ”
Thank you! Im glad you said this. I love producing almost totally different music sometimes, compared to the style I DJ, so i thought would be the perfect time now to show it.  You can hear this approach on my first album.

How have you kept yourself inspired with the clubs being shut for so long due to the pandemic?
“I had 1029348298347 started projects, so i said alright, lets finish them finally. It gave me the time away from touring to get things done. 


What new releases have you planned for the rest of 2021?
As i mentioned im about to release my first album. Very excited about it. I also have a Vinyl Only Ep on Moxy around June. The rest is still secret, but i wont stop “working” Peace House People! “

Reelow’s new sample pack is available now both from Samplestate

Also from Loopmasters/Loopcloud

Priced at £19.95

Check out the demo video below. 

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