In The Studio with Lucio Agustin

In The Studio with Lucio Agustin

We talked to Lucio Agustin about his new sample pack with Samplestate and he talks about his inspirations, being an emerging artist in Buenos Aires.

So we loved your recent release on Little Helpers, 374, but we didn’t realise this is your 6th release for the label now. You must feel very much at home on Little Helpers as a label and with the way they do things?

Lucio “Yes so if we also count the vinyl release, there would be 6 in total: 262, 288, 333, 352, 374 and lhv007b. Sean and Andrew always made me feel at home, they decided to release my music when I was nobody and that made me start to have more confidence and believe more in myself as an artist. Without a doubt they built a unique family concept among all those who are part of the label, personally it was the first record label that made me take off, among the top 10 of Minimal / Deep Tech in Beatport with my first release and with the track 262-4 that was later played by Marco Carola, Stefano Noferini, Sidney Charles, among others. I also always received royalties for the releases of my albums and without a doubt the analog mastering of the tracks was always the best. In my experience, it was one of the most professional labels, both human and commercial.

It must feel like a natural progression to join their sample pack series with Samplestate, how did you find the process of making a pack?

The truth is that the offer came to me at the beginning of the Pandemic where there was nothing else to do than lock myself in the studio, I was always a great consumer of sound packages, I believe that in a creative way they can help a lot in the agility of the process of musical production. I also feel that it is time to give back a little to all the artists who inspired me and to all those who followed me from the beginning to the end.

Whats you studio consist of? Do you make most of you music inside the computer or are you using any hardware?

My studio is super basic: iMac, Apogee Duet 2, Mackie mr5 mk2, Akai Apc key 25 and without a doubt the most important thing: a comfortable chair. All of my music I do inside the computer in Ableton Live.I remember my track 262-4 I did with a Macbook Pro and Sennheiser HD 25 in the backyard of my house, sometimes inspiration is everything, then obviously listen to it in a studio where possible acoustized to be able to make a remix or the final post-production touches. I have always felt a great attraction for Hardware but given the condition of living in Buenos Aires it is difficult and too expensive to acquire that type of equipment. At one point I had a Korg Monotribe  and had a lot of fun, I used it with headphones, not in the studio and it was like playing without having the pressure to make it perfect and then release it on a label.

You are very prolific with releases on high quality labels such as Bondage, Cyclic, Rendr, Little Helpers and your own Sustain imprint, what is the key to maintaining such high quality, consistent releases?

I would say that the key is love for music, perseverance, hard work, effort and dedication, like everything in life. Then there are a lot of external factors that are also determining, surrounding yourself with talented people, luckily I come across artists who wanted to work with me like Toman (Cyclic), Alex Ranerro (Bondage), AWSI (Rendr) and many times when you collaborate with another artist has what you lack, so a perfect balance is generated. Also try to improve day by day, acquire new techniques, try different things, experiment, listen to the avant-garde sound, what is playing tomorrow, try to mold it for you to create your own sound, but obviously there are things that are polished over time.

If you could collaborate with anyone else in the industry right now who would it be?

I would love to do collaborations with LondonGround, Rigzz, and Nacho Bolognani, personally for me they are the 3 best Argentine artists today. Collaborations arrive when they have to arrive, they cannot be forced, but luckily I already had them on my Sustain record label.


Can you tell us a little about the scene in your home town, what were your earliest influences that got you into Minimal and House production?

Buenos Aires: the city of fury. Proud to be Argentine, without a doubt one of the cities with the most attractive nights in the world, party from Monday to Monday even if we are at the end of the world. The artists that most influenced me were Jorge Savoretti, Franco Cinelli and LondonGround, they paved the way for all the young people who came after. They are in charge of having originated the Argentinian Sound as they say in Europe.

What other artist inspire your own productions as well as sound for the new sample product?

One of the artists that inspired me the most and continues to do so is East End Dubs, it is because of their Little Helpers 70 that I decided to send music to that label. He strikes me as one of the freshest and most original artists in the industry. I am also inspired by other artists such as Archie Hamilton, Rossi, Dimmish, ANOTR, among others.

Whats your best piece of advice to anyone starting out producing Minimal House now?

My advice is to always chase your dreams, never give up, do it for passion, find a way to learn new things, keep the flame alive and try to be inspired by artists who do the same. Set short and long-term goals, set one goal, meet it, and go after another. Keep moving forward, learning and growing, always staying true to what you like and over time you will be able to develop your own sound, your identity, something that will not go out of style and will make you unique forever.

How has the pandemic in Argentina effected your creative workflow? Have you found more time for the studio to be a blessing or have you found it difficult to find inspiration without the clubs being open?

A little bit of everything. As I always say, balance is the key. The same as the rest of the world  Buenos Aires I hit hard,  but you also have to try to re-invent yourself: private classes via Zoom, Live Streamings, Edits on Bandcamp, the sample pack for Samplestate, lots of music on vinyl and digital, try to make a bit of everything. I spent a lot of time in the studio and I keep creating, sometimes with more inspiration and other times with less, but I try not to lower my arms and be up to date by the time everything comes back, because if you disappear for a while people will forget you exist.

Little Helpers Vol.15 from Lucio Agustin is available on Samplestate and Loopmasters/Loopcloud from the 25th March. 

Available from Samplestate here:-



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